EVO Control Station

EVO Control Station

Control station for rodents and crawling insects

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EVO Control Station is a versatile and functional device for the control of rodents and crawling insects. In black polypropylene plastic. In full compliance with the Integrated Pest Management philosophy, EVO has been designed to manage both pest rodents and the most common infesting crawling insects, such as cockroaches and ants, with a single device with diˆerent and complementary methods. Equipped with practical side opening of the lid with a single locking system, which reduce the station’s opening times. The reinforced closure compared to other similar models increases safety in use in sensitive environments. Furthermore, the presence of an interlocking cap for closing and hiding the lock reduces the possibility of opening the EVO Control Station by non-experts. Multiple features:


  • rodenticide bait dispenser and virtual baits of any physical form
  • gel bait dispenser for cockroach and ants’ control
  • trap for rats or mice with large or small Snap Trap
  • mousetrap with one or two Vastrap glue traps
  • mousetrap with Glue Twin glue trap closed to house
  • trap for crawling insects with 2 Mini Blatrap joined and closed to house
  • rodent presence control with Ekontrol system positioned inside

Standard equipment

Evo is supplied with: internal tray, metal bait-holder pin, support for wall fixing, key for opening and cap for covering the lock.

Dimension (mm):

  • w 235 x d 185 x h 110 (with cap)
  • w 235 x d 185 x h 105 (without cap)
  • 20 pcs
Dimensions 18,5 × 23,5 × 11 cm

Nero, Nero con tetto trasparente

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