DUO Control Station

DUO Control Station

Multi-purpose safety dispenser

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DUO Control Station is a plastic control station (reinforced polypropylene) for the control of rodent pests, such as Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus domesticus. It can be used as a dispenser for rodenticide baits or as a safety dispenser for glue traps such as Glue Twin (code 3135) and Vastrap (code 4382).


Usable in indoor and outdoor areas in civil, domestic, industrial and zootechnical areas. It is equipped with a practical internal removable tray complete with bait pins and key lock. Can be positioned on the wall with an exclusive system or on a pole with a plastic clamp.

Dimensions (mm)

w 305 x d 157 x h 105 | Ø entry hole 5 cm

Other info

Available with customized color on request (MOQ 1248 pcs). It is also customizable with logo printing (MOQ 504 pcs).

  • 12 pc
Dimensions 30,5 × 15,7 × 10,5 cm