The development of Integrated Pest Management is destined to grow in food industry after the request, by consumers and legislators, of toxic-free products.
Light traps are among the most used monitoring systems in food production and storage areas. These electric devices exploit the positive phototropism of arthropods, whose behavior is deeply influenced by the visual lure. The scientific research has offered significant contributions in the development of such devices and their application in food production areas.


Light traps are a valid instrument for monitoring and catching insects in food production areas.
Moreover, the wide action range allows to catch many other arthropods ; in some cases, as underlined by Papadopoulou and Buchelos (2002), they sensitively reduce the number of pest populations.
Mr. Trematerra (2011) suggests that the Mass-trapping is successful with the capture of both female and male populations. With a male/female trapping ratio of 1:1,5 for Lasioderma serricorne (cigarette beetles) according to Papadopoulou and Buchelos (2002), light traps are recommended for mass-trapping.

What is next

Many other aspects are still to be deepened, although the studies on the subject so far have been quite thorough. For example, the new LED lamps, working in CC or DC, do not produce the flickering effect. More interesting results could be reached by equipping the devices with computerizing monitoring systems able to detect the presence of insects in the traps and recognizing their species.

Installation advice

  • It is advisable to use UV traps outdoors or in humid places, being careful to keep them 2mt far from the ground, so that the glueboards is not visible, but it still practical to reach for its maintenance.
  • The number of devices to install is dependent on the surface to be covered; each of them is to be positioned in the middle of the corresponding area, preferably far away from direct light sources.
  • There should be no obstructions between the device and the area to protect, and the light should be visible from each corner of the area.
  • The devices have to run 24 hours a day.
  • UV traps can be either secured (to the wall, the corner or to the ceiling) or simply placed, by using the equipment provided or leaning them on flat surfaces, according to the chosen solution.

Klight UV adhesive trap plates

The UV adhesive trap plates by Ekommerce are the product of our ever-growing technical evolution, our sensitivity to the environment and the care for design. This is what makes them so aesthetically appealing and functional, especially in the Ho.Re.Ca.

The IP lamps by Ekommerce are protected from dust and water sprays in compliance with the standards CEI EN 60529, considering that dust can actually reduce the power of these traps.

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