Ecological equipment for multiple and continuous capture of pest rodents with integrated digital system for remote control.

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Integrated remote control system for pest rodents’ management

EKOMILLE RC is an integrated electromechanical hardware system and software application with dedicated web server for total remote control

Main features

ABS plastic – brass – stainless steel – rydon – electronic components

Fields of application

  • Agri-food companies
  • Industries
  • Public companies
  • External areas
  • Real-time monitoring of pest rodents

Target Pests

Rat (Rattus norvegicus) – Black Rat (Rattus rattus) – Mouse House (Mus musculus domesticus)


  • zero use of chemicals and carcass dispersion
  • high priming with natural food
  • safe for food, non-target animals, children
  • hardware + software system that allows to remotely activate and deactivate the capture system and manage all the information without having to go to each station
  • notification of equipment alarms such as overturning, blocking, connection with the server
  • no software to be installed on the PC
  • web accessibility from PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones at any time and part of the world
  • daily battery check
  • selective access to PCO customers
  • customizable and exportable graphs in image format to be included in document reports
  • real-time messaging on device status and captures
  • data management from the Ekontrol platform, those who already have Ekontrol credentials will also see their Ekomille RC on the portal


Ekofood 100 (sku: APGR03), pair of gloves, instruction manual, small shovel (sku: APG023) & plastic bag.


1 pc

For more information visit www.ekomille.it 

Dimensions 33 × 44 × 63 cm
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