Flavored concentrated liquid desodoriser

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Characteristics: Ekofix 100 is the hygienizing and desodorizing liquid mixture specifically studied, tested and realized to be used effectively in Ekomille. The product, supplied concentrated, is presented in a liquid form, with an identifying green color and a characteristic almond aroma.

Material: mixture oil-alcohol, aroma and dye

Target pests: mice (Mus musculus domesticus) and rats (Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus)

Field of use: sanitizing and desodorizing for Ekomille electromechanical capture equipment

How to use: pour the entire contents of the tank, equivalent to 5 liters of Ekofix 100, inside the lower section of the Ekomille. Add water until the solution obtained is positioned between the linear level indicators on both the internal long side walls of the section (equal to about 13 liters of added water). In case of very high temperatures, reduce the amount of water according to the instructions given in the supplied use and maintenance booklet. Top up or restore the solution based on the number of catches taken, the storage time of the carcasses and the temperatures in the controlled environment.

Characteristics: concentrated liquid flavored, with a characteristic color and smell, in practical jerrycan with handle.

Color: mint green

Packaging: double corrugated cardboard box containing 3 tanks of 5 liters each (total 15 liters of concentrated liquid).

EKOFIX 100 is part of the SISTEMA EKO range of products and accessories