ULV (Ultra Low Volume) portable nebulizer for large environments

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Compact Aerosol is the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) portable nebulizer for large environments. It is a compact, lightweight device made entirely of stainless-steel. It can be placed anywhere thanks to the two wheels provided and, despite its small size, it boasts a tank with over 20 L capacity.

High versatility, allows use in multiple environments, with coverage up to 30,000 m³, also thanks to the two nozzles oriented at 45°. Easy to maintain thanks to the absence of worn gaskets.

Equipped with:

  • 2 wheels and carrying handle
  • 2 ULV nozzles
  • 1 water supply faucet
  • 1 faucet for washing
  • 2 pressure reducers
  • 1 air pressure gauge
  • 1 liquid pressure gauge
  • quick coupling for Rilsan hose 0,8 mm
  • It is able to work at a pressure between 1 and 5 bar

For operation only access to a compressed air network or connection to a 250 L/min compressor is required.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 33 × 80 cm