Distress call bird scarer

Characteristics and principle of action

Scudo Call City is a sound-digital bollard created for the removal of pest birds in a bloodless and ecological way. It is based on the issue of “alarm cries” of problematic bird species, recorded by ornithologists on high quality digital tracks of absolute sound purity.

The cries of alarm are the same that the species of birds to be removed emit in nature when they are afraid.


Works with mains power or with a 12 Volts battery. It has an adjustable twilight sensor that allows it to operate automatically during daylight hours, deactivating it after sunset.

The operating and pause times are already set following ornithological evidence, however it is possible to modify them by following the instructions. Sound power allows it to be perceived by birds even from a great distance.

Technical data

  • 30 Watt internal speaker
  • 3,5 mm mono jack socket for external speaker (up to 30 watts)
  • Active speaker selection (INTERNAL | INTERNAL + EXTERNAL | EXTERNAL)
  • Memory capacity 8 songs
  • Personalization of operating time and pause time (from 30 seconds to 30 minutes)
  • Random function with random times
  • LDR light sensor
  • Light sensor sensitivity adjustment
  • Daily or continuous operation
  • Display brightness adjustment
  • External power supply 12 Volts
  • Power supply DC 5,5 x 2,1 mm


  • n. 1 sound player
  • n. 1 cable with power supply
  • n. 1 power cable with battery terminals
  • n. 1 protective plastic cover
Weight 0,265 kg
Dimensions 45 × 70 × 45 cm