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Ekommerce is the leading distributor of ecological rodent control products for professional use, thanks to the innovative Eko System such as Ekomille. We are distributor of pest control companies, cleaning and sanitizing companies, thanks to innovative products and devices for disinfection, sanitation, desodorization and in general elimination of spores, molds, fungi and bacteria.

Our offer is divided into sanitation systems that use steam at high temperatures (Cimex Eradicator), ozone generators (Ekoxy3) and products for disinfection and desodorizing for the control of microorganisms.

We also distribute products for sanitizing against viruses (including coronavirus) such as the Rely + ON Virkon.



High level disinfectant for hard surfaces. Rely+On Virkon inactivates Coronavirus quickly.



ULV (Ultra Low Volume) portable nebulizer for large environments

Disinfection with an ozone generator is particularly effective, especially because no chemicals are dispersed into the environment, due to the wide spectrum of use and the countless possibilities of use.

In fact, ozone generators can be used for disinfection, sterilization, desodorization (elimination of bad smells), sanitation of hospital and work environments, but also for the treatment of instruments, service trolleys, mattresses (against mites, odors, bacteria, viruses and molds), even on linen and service clothing.

In addition, the Ekoxy3 line ozone generators also allow you to perfume the environment with appropriate fragrances, once the disinfection or sterilization cycle of the treated areas is finished.



Ekoxy3 is the range of ozone generators for ecological disinfection.

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