Longer shelf life for Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Lure

Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Lure

Longer shelf life for Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Lure


After extensive testing, we can now confirm 33% longer shelf-life of the lure for our trap Nattaro Scout. The updated storage period is now a full 12 months from the date of production.

Please note the long-term storage of the lure is still in the refrigerator, and  the lure must never be frozen. Shorter periods of storage at room temperature will not adversely affect the effectiveness of the lure.  Remember to always check the best before date stated on the package before use.

The Nattaro Scout lure have also been fitted with a protective sticker in order to prevent leakage during transport or handling.  It is important to remember that the hole should always face upwards when placing the lure in the trap, after removing the protective sticker.

The protective sticker

Presently, Nattaro Scout is mainly used by professional pest control technicians, as a tool for verifying a suspected bed bug infestation, and as a control method following a treatment. Nattaro Scout can also be used for continuous monitoring in environments with a high risk of bed bug infestation. Recommended usage is to place 2 or more traps per bed, in the darkest places. Preferably between mattresses or next to the bed legs in the corners of the bed. Regular inspections of the Nattaro Scout, both outside and inside, are recommended.

The hole on the lure must face upwards

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